Patent application

A complete patent application includes the following:

  • a request for the grant of a title of
    protection with an indication of the title
    of the invention, the author(s) thereof
    and person(s) in whose name the title of
    protection is requested, as well as their
    places of residence or business;
  • a description of the invention
    disclosing it fully enough for a person
    skilled in the art to carry it out;
  • the claims stating the essential features
    of the invention and based on the
  • an abstract;
  • drawings and other materials where
    necessary for the understanding of the
    subject matter of the invention.
  • Filing

    Filing a patent application means preparing a formal application and asking the NCPI to grant you a patent.

    To receive an official filing date in NCPI, you must submit no less than the following:

    • a request for the grant of a title of
    • a description of the invention;
    • drawings, if reference is made
      thereto in the description.

    The date of filing is very important under the «first-to-file» system because it serves to determine, in case of a dispute with another applicant for the same invention, who has the right to the patent.

    Once accepted for filing, your application is assigned a number and filing date, and you will be informed of  these. This is no guarantee of a patent. It simply means your application is pending.

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