As a result of the execution and implementation of a number of works in the direction of modern solutions for digitalization of the industry, renewal of the work system and development of security technologies, the Office has made a new achievement in the direction of accepting applications for the submission of protective documents in the form of a modern system.

In particular, during the working visit of the Eurasian Patent Office (EPO) to the Office, which took place on March 15-17, 2023, agreements were reached regarding the implementation of a number of joint projects in the field of intellectual property digitization.

As a result, the Office began accepting applications for industrial property objects in the form of “3D models”.

It should be noted that the reception and processing of “3D-models” is introduced as part of the application material and the information security management system in cooperation with IPAO.

Оf all the material and natural resources abundant in our Motherland, the most priceless and important is the intellectual potential of our society