On May 2 of this year, a seminar dedicated to the International Day of Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights was held at the “Hilton” hotel in the city of Dushanbe on the initiative of the Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) of the US Department of Commerce.

The event was opened with the welcoming speech of the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan, Mr. A. Solekhzoda and the US Ambassador to the Republic of Tajikistan, Mr. Manuel Micaller, the seminar attended by the director and experts of the Institution, as well as inventors, students, teachers and other employees of intellectual property participated in it.

During the seminar, the Director of the Institution spoked about the country’s achievements in the field of intellectual property, including the establishment of technology transfer and commercialization centers, and an exchange of views was held on the current situation and planned initiatives of the country in this direction.

Also, during the event, issues related to the legal value of intellectual property, inventions, trademarks, trade secrets, copyright and technology transfer were discussed.


Оf all the material and natural resources abundant in our Motherland, the most priceless and important is the intellectual potential of our society