information – information about persons, objects, events, phenomena and processes, regardless of the form of their presentation;

information activity – a set of actions aimed at persuading of the information needs of the subjects of information relations;

state statistical information – official documentation state information that gives a quantitative characteristic of events and phenomena occurring in the economic, social, cultural and other spheres of life of the Republic of Tajikistan;

information process – the process of collecting, processing, accumulating, storing, searching and disseminating information;

information system – a set of materials systematized from an organizational point of view, the volume of materials and information technology, including the use of computer technology and communication, preceding the information process;

–Information products – the material result of information activities, designed to meet the information needs of citizens, government agencies, enterprises, institutions and organizations;

information technology – a set of computer technology and telecommunications, software and methods of their use for searching, processing, storing, transmitting and receiving information;

information infrastructure – (informatization infrastructure) – a set of information centers, databases and data banks, communication and data transmission systems, other structures that ensure the functioning of information networks;

information resources – information, regardless of the method of its presentation or storage organization (documents, arrays of documents, funds of libraries, archives, databases), intended for inclusion in information systems or contained in them;

database – an integrated collection of data intended for multifunctional use and modification;

data bank – a set of software, information and technical means intended for the centralized collection, storage and collective use of data on a specific subject area of ​​human activity, as well as the data itself, which are stored in the form of files or unrelated databases

informatization – development, creation, mastering and use of information technologies, information resources; a process which includes organizational, scientific and technical, social and economic production components and the result of activities aimed at satisfying the information needs of individual citizens, their associations, government and non-government organizations, society as a whole through the formation and use of information resources in all spheres of society;

information protection – a set of measures to prevent unauthorized interference with information resources, illegal actions to obtain, copy, distribute, distort, destroy or block information.

innovative programs and projects  – are the result of the intellectual potential of individuals and legal entities, contributing to the application of new ideas developed for the improvement of science and the introduction of modern high-quality technologies;

technological park – a legal entity or consortium with the right of ownership to a single material and technical complex, the main activity of which is the provision of works and necessary services for the implementation of innovative and investment projects;

business incubator – a legal entity created to support small businesses at the stage of their formation by providing production facilities, equipment, organizational, legal, financial, consulting and information services;

Infrastructure of the Technological park – a set of office buildings, production, engineering, transport, communication and social facilities located in the Park and used by individuals and legal entities;

the end results of scientific research – are the results of scientific research that can be introduced into production.

innovation activity –  an activity related to the development and implementation of innovation (new or improved results of scientific research, experimental design work or other scientific and technical achievements) and aimed at bringing it to the market in the form of new or improved products, services, production method or other socially useful result;

 innovation – an innovation in the field of technician, technology, work, services or management based on the use of the achievements of science and advanced technology, which has high production and social efficiency;

– innovative products – the result of innovative activity, expressed in the form of new products, works and services, a method of production or other highly effective result for society, or the result of the transfer of existing products, services, methods of production and other socially useful results;

 innovative project – is the result of the intellectual potential of individuals and legal entities, contributing to the application of new ideas, developed for the enhancement of science and the introduction of modern technologies;

state innovation policy – the activity of state bodies aimed at the development and state regulation of innovation, the development of a mechanism and its implementation;

organization of innovation infrastructure – technology parks, technopolices, technology incubators, business incubators, venture funds, innovation funds and other organizations recognized as innovation infrastructure in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan;

innovation development strategy – a set of measures for government management, which are based on long-term priorities, goals and objectives of the innovation policy of the Republic of Tajikistan;

innovation fund – is a legal entity whose activities are to promote the development of innovative activities by financing innovative projects and infrastructure, as well as providing other services in the field of innovation;

venture fund – is a legal entity whose activities are aimed at accumulating financial resources for investing cost-effective high-tech innovative projects with high risk.

research work – a work relating to the scientific research, research, experiments, in order to expand existing and obtain new knowledge, test scientific hypotheses, establish patterns of development of nature and society, scientific generalization, scientific substantiation of projects;

development work – a set of works performed during the creation or modernization of products, the development of design or technological documentation for prototypes, the manufacture and testing of prototypes and utility models;

scientific and scientific – technical projects and programs – documents that include the content of scientific and technical work, containing scientific, scientific and technical, experimental design, marketing research with justification of the goal and objectives, relevance, novelty, scientific and practical significance and feasibility of carrying out the planned work ;

scientific and (or) scientific – technical result – a product of scientific and (or) scientific – technical activity, containing new knowledge and achievements, recorded on any information medium;

candidate of science, doctor of science – academic degrees awarded to scientific workers (researchers) after defending a scientific dissertation in the prescribed manner at the request of dissertation councils;

state scientific and technical policy – the choice of priority directions for the development of science and technology and their state support, as well as a system for the implementation of scientific and (or) scientific and technical results in the sectors of the national economy;

scientific research – applied, fundamental, strategic scientific research carried out by subjects of scientific and (or) scientific – technical activities in the framework of research, development and technological work, by appropriate scientific methods and means in order to achieve scientific and (or) scientific -technical activity;

fundamental scientific research – theoretical and (or) experimental activity aimed at obtaining new knowledge about the basic laws of the development of nature, human and society;

scientific and (or) scientific-technical activities – activities aimed at obtaining and applying new knowledge in all areas of science, technology and production to solve technological, design, economic and socio-political problems, ensuring the functioning of science, technology and production as a single system , including the development of regulatory and technical documentation for the purpose of these studies;

report on the results of scientific and (or) scientific-technical activities – a document containing information on the implementation of scientific and technical work, scientific, scientific-technical, experimental design, marketing research, including information on the feasibility of further carrying out of the planned work or on the completed result of the scientific, scientific-technical project and programs.

scientific and technical information – information about documents and facts obtained in the course of scientific, scientific-technical, innovative and social activities;

documented scientific and technical information – scientific and technical information recorded on a material carrier with the requisites which allows it to be identified;

Scientific and technical information resources – documented scientific and technical information, organized in reference and information funds and scientific and technical data bases

scientific and technical information products – a materialized result of information scientific and technical activities, designed to meet the information needs of users (consumers) of scientific and technical information;

system of scientific and technical information – an ordered set of resources of scientific and technical information and organizational and technological means that implement the processes of creation, collection, processing, systematization, search and provision of scientific and technical information to meet the needs of the state, legal entities and individuals;