Patent application


The industrial design application must include a request for registration of an industrial design in a prescribed form, the representation of an industrial design, and a description of an industrial design.

An illustration of the appearance of a product, a protection for which is being sought, is the most important part of an application.

The description must contain a written summary of those features which constitute novelty of the appearance of the product.



Filing a patent application means preparing a formal application and asking the NCPI to grant you a patent.

To receive an official filing date, you must submit no less than the following:

a request for the grant of a patent;

– a set of representations of the article;

a description of the industrial design
including a list of its essential features.

The date of filing is very important under the “first-to-file” system because it serves to determine, in case of a dispute with another applicant for the same invention, who has the right to the patent.

Once accepted for filing, your application is assigned a number and filing date, and you will be informed of these. This is no guarantee of a patent. It simply means your application is pending.